Funding for Financial Emergencies Without Risking Your Assets


It has been a common practice for lenders to ask collateral from their borrowers. The collateral can take the form of a car title, home title, jewelry, bonds and stocks. However, you a financial need can arise and you may want to take a loan but you don’t want to risk losing your assets.

Collateral is a common requirement for secured loans. The assets are used to ‘secure’ the loan and allow lenders to feel peace and confidence when lending to you. They use the asset as a form or leverage should you begin to miss the payments or default on your loan. Suffice to say, you’ll lose your asset and the lender can sell it to others in order to redeem the amount they’ve lost.

No Collateral Loans For People With Bad Credit

Instead of considering lenders that require collateral, opt for those who don’t. There are numerous lenders offering unsecured loans for people with bad credit that you can easily qualify for, even without collateral.

Instead of collateral, lenders try to get leverage in the form of interest rates. With this said, you can expect loans for people with bad credit to be more expensive than traditional secured loans. But on the other hand, unsecured loans for people with bad credit are still great options especially if you fear losing your car, home and other valuable assets.

Additionally, since the lender don’t have to appraise any collateral, you’ll find that processing and approval for loans for people with bad credit are much quicker than mainstream loans. This means that apart from not having to present collateral, you’ll also get the funds you need much quickly. This is also one of the reasons why loans for people with bad credit are viable options for financial emergencies.

Don’t fret about not having collateral when you need to solve financial dilemmas. You just need to look for the right loans at the right places, specifically loans for people with bad credit offered by reputable online lenders.




How to Save Money and Avoid Hassles in Paris

Famous for fine food, high fashion, priceless art, and centuries of history Paris can be intimidating to even a seasoned traveler. But rest assured that despite being the epicenter of all things luxurious and expensive you can save money, avoid pickpockets, and never encounter a “rude” French person.

Learn Some Manners

If you learn no other French learn to say please (S’il vous plait), thank you (Merci), excuse me (Pardon), and good day (Bonjour). Manners are extremely important to the French. Just as Americans may be cold if they feel someone is rude, the French are no different. If they find you rude and offensive they’ll likely give you the cold shoulder. Say please and thank you often. When you place an order, buy tickets, or ask for something, say “please”. Say “thank you” when you receive something. For example, if you go to a café say “please” when you order, say “thank you” when your drinks arrive, say “thank you” when the food arrives, say “thank you” when the check arrives….you get the idea. In short, be exceedingly polite.

Additionally, it is important than when entering and leaving a store you say good day to whomever is working at the counter or door. Here in the states you may be able to come and go from a store without ever getting off your cell phone, but that won’t fly in Paris. Say “Hello” when you go in and “thank you when you leave.

It’s not Personal

Don’t assume that just because things are different than in the US it means you are being treated badly. The French don’t smile and say “hello” to people on the street usually. They take their time at meals and so service in restaurants and cafes is always slow. Your waiter won’t stop by and ask you if you’re doing ok, because it’s considered intrusive in France. If you want something you will need to ask.

Blend In

Parisians don’t wear sweats to the grocery, and they don’t wear jeans that much either. You don’t have to wear designer clothes to blend in, but you do need to dress better than you probably would here in the states. This isn’t because Parisians particularly care how you dress (believe me they see plenty of tourists), it’s because pick pockets, gypsies, and other scammers look for obvious tourists as marks. By “looking French” you’ll avoid a lot of potential hassles.

Ride the Metro

Forget cabs and bus tours. Get a Metro Pass. Passes are available by number of days as well as the number of zones you want access to. A week pass for all zones can get you from Euro Disney to Versailles and everywhere in between for about $150.

The Metro has stops at all the major tourist destinations and it is quick, reliable, has long hours and allows you to see Paris like a local. The pass is also good for the RER and busses as well.

Avoid riding the metro before 9 AM and between 4 to 7 PM in order to avoid rush hour. While riding the Metro during the rush hour is an experience, it’s not one that everyone would like to have!

Get a Musee Pass & Plan Ahead

Why go all the way to Paris to just stand outside and look at the Louvre? There are a lot of fantastic places you can go and enjoy for free in Paris including the Tuilleries, the Luxembourg Gardens, The gardens of Versailles, etc. But the best Treasures in Paris require an entrance fee, most of the time.

The Musee Pass is a pass which can be purchased at all most any museum or attraction in Paris and will provide you access to over 60 museums and attractions including the Louvre, Versailles, D’Orsay, Notre Dame, the Arc De Triumph and more. Passes can be purchased for two, four, or six days and range in price from $45 to $108. At many locations the pass can get you in the door without waiting in ridiculously long lines. You can get package deals for Musee passes and Metro Passes online if you buy them in advance and have them sent to you prior to your trip.

You can also get free admission to some museums on certain days. For example, the Louvre offers free admission on the first Sunday of every month. Buy a guidebook and figure out when you might be able to get free admission to the museums you are interested in. Sundays at the Louvre are generally a good plan however; as many things in France are closed on Sundays and the Louvre can easily take up a whole day!

The Musee Pass can also get you discounts on river tours and other things as well. Keep an eye out when around the city and use the Pass as much as possible.

When In Rome…

Parisians love to walk and ride bikes and you’ll find that Paris is a pedestrian friendly city (so long as you don’t jay walk). You can find a lot of enjoyment in just walking around the city. One of my favorite things to do in Paris is to take the Metro in from the suburbs in the evening and to walk along the Seine while the sun goes down. Watching all the lights come on and the Eiffel Tower twinkle on the hour is incredibly romantic and magical. And it’s totally free. As is a day at the Gardens at Versailles.

The Palace is lovely inside, but the garden it what is truly amazing. Rent a carriage, bike, boat, or just walk. The gardens are open to the public, dotted with restaurants, cafes and shops. You could easily spend a day trying to see everything.

In August you can join the Parisian on the shores of the Seine for Paris Plage. The city brings the beaches of the south of France to Paris by lining the Seine with lounge chairs and umbrellas available for anyone to use.

Parisians are big on using their local parks and gardens and you’ll find that they are well maintained, that they are well supplied with chairs for public use and small snack carts for light, cheap lunches.

How to Save Money on Your Monthly Phone Bill

If you are looking for a way to cut down on your monthly bills and save a little money so that you could be able to afford the high cost of fuel at over $ 4 per a gallon today. Then I am sure you have considered getting rid of your cellular phone bill because it is one of those luxuries in life that we now take for granted. However, they now produce very expensive bills every month and this leaves this with the question of how we can save on our phone bill so that we do not have to give up out phone plan and be forced to pay a $ 200 phone termination fee.

phone bill saving

Look at your phone bill and calculate how many minutes you actually need

A lot of people have plans that have a ton of extra minutes on them a month and this wil only lead them to pay more money than they need to. You can avoid this by looking at your last six (or even four) phone bills and averaging the amount of minutes you use on average per month.

See if your provider offers any discounts

A lot of the major carriers can provide you with a large discount based on where you work or what you are using the phone for. There are business discounts, employee discounts and students discounts. Each company will provide you with a different amount of savings so make sure your provider is giving you the discount you qualify for.

Switch to a better plan

If you find a plan with the smaller amount of minutes that you need (or higher) then you will want to switch to that plan so that you can avoid going over your minutes or being wasteful and paying too much money each month.

Take advantage of special features

Each provider has different benefits, AT&T has rollover minutes and Sprint has 6pm nights, make sure that you take advantage of this by adding features that may help you reduce your bill in overall costs. Depending on your use the best feature will very. If you do this correctly then you will be able to reduce your bill and get yourself on the plan that is right for you so you will see the savings roll in each month.

How to Cut Expenses and Save Money in a Tough Economy

spend lessStart off by making a list of monthly expenses and gather all your monthly bills. Take a look at the total amounts you spend each month and see if there are extra expenses you could do without for awhile. For example: could you lower your cable bill by taking away a few channels, lower your cell phone or home phone bill by getting rid of text messaging or long distance, or even do away with a few utilities altogether? Think of this as a temporary change. If you really feel you cannot live without technology, then change what you have for awhile to limit your spending.

Analyze your bill companies. Are there any other places that might offer you a better deal and save you money? Say for instance your cell phone is through AT&T, would Verizon offer you a lower monthly bill? How about electric and gas…are there other companies that would give you a better rate? Search the internet for utility companies or pull out the phone book and call. You may find that other companies have better rates for your utilities…this includes cable as well. Ask a few friends what they pay in expenses and see if you can come up with a way to save money by switching utility companies. Many will offer a deal just to have you switch from their competitor to them.

Clip grocery coupons and shop at more than one grocery store. Saving money on groceries will cut a huge expense every month. It’s not always easy, since it can be very time consuming, but clipping coupons and buying groceries at a few different stores, based on ads, will save you so much money, you’ll be amazed. Sign up for grocery ads at a few different stores. They will be delivered right to your mailbox each week so that you can match up coupons and create an organized list before grocery shopping. Also, never purchase anything that is not on your grocery list.

Give your car a checkup when it’s time. Getting the oil changed, getting a tune up, keeping fluid levels up, and having your car inspected on time, will save you money on added car expenses. Taking care of your vehicle is important as things can go wrong later that will cost you so much more than just an oil change. You may think you have no money for such small checkups on your vehicle, but you definitely will not have the money later to fix big things that may go wrong if you don’t keep up on vehicle maintenance.

Get help with household expenses. If you’ve recently become unemployed, or the economy is just too much, find a roommate to help with living expenses. An extra person can split the bills and take a heavy load off of paying everything yourself. If a roommate is not the way you want to go, get help with monthly expenses by applying for government aid. There are all types of government aid available including unemployment compensation, medical assistance, food stamps, cash assistance, child care subsidy, utility assistance (including home phones and cell phones), and rent assistance. Do not be too proud to take help. It is your right, and you’ve worked hard. Help is there for those who need it most and if you’ve recently lost your job, you deserve a little assistance.